Welcome to the IDBMS, the official source for IDBMS for Digital Book Format.

IDBMS.org is the organization for register Digital Books, and responsible for assigning IDBMSs code number as well as providing information and advice on the uses of the IDBMS system to publishers and the publishing industry in general. IDBMS.org is in charged with the Index, Technical information and collection of bibliographic data on titles published all around the world. This information is found in the IDBMS databases.

In addition, IDBMS also serves as a library of information about books, documents and music that has been publishing in digital book format. 

Note about IDBMS

IDBMS is a code number to identify books that has been publish in a Digital Book Format. This code has been made to protect the authors, publishers and the publishing industry. This code has the information about: writer, title, contents, author biographic note and publisher. 

  • IDBMS beginning numbers is a consecutive number for each book.

  • IDBMS second numbers are for identify the author.

  • IDBMS third numbers are for identify the country and last letters is for language.